Celebrating 40 Years

We need your help to make Karmê Chöling's 40th year the strongest ever!

Be Part of the $40,000 Anniversary Challenge!

A small group of donors have pledged $40,000 to Karmê Chöling for our Year End Campaign. Two foundations have also pledged $40,000. Help us match their generosity by raising another $40,000 to end our 40th year.

This has been a stellar year for Karmê Chöling and we hope you will joyously lend your support to help us continue to make Karmê Chöling a place of magic and richness for years to come.

Highlights of 2010:

We also celebrated two big birthday parties:

We celebrated Karmê Chöling's birthday in style over Memorial Day weekend with two full days of gathering together for practice, great food, music, exhibitions of Ikebana and Kyudo and lots of relaxation and fun — a full display of our land, our buildings and ourselves. More than 200 sangha members worldwide participated in the festivities.

We celebrated Karmê Chöling's birthday in style again in September with "40 Years In the Neighborhood". Our local business partners and neighbors joined us for a full day of Shambhala style celebration. Acharyas Rockwell and Greenleaf gave meditation instruction to almost 100 people and about that many joined us for lunch on the lawn accompanied by the music of Sal DeMaio's band. In addition to Ikebana, Golden Ball and Kyudo demonstrations there were tours of the house and the garden and hikes to the purkhang. A cocktail reception with the music of the Linda Waarnar Group was a delightful end to the day.

Help us continue to offer this magical place where people have the opportunity to sit down, touch their hearts and explore their minds. Help change the world one breath at a time.

Every dollar you give is matched by two dollars in gifts and grants. Help us reach the $40,000 challenge.

Fun Facts of 2010:

  • In February, 57 people did Sutrayana Seminary with Acharyas Duquette and Greenleaf.
  • Our advanced teacher training with Acharyas Lobel and Duquette had 43 participants.
  • 29 people did Shambhala Guide Training in May with Acharya Hayashi.
  • In May, 26 people did Golden Key with Lady Diana Mukpo.
  • In June, 95 people did Scorpion Seal Assembly Year 2.
  • In August, 116 people did Warrior Assembly with Acharya Rockwell and Mary Campbell.
  • 34 people did AD Training.
  • We offered 4 dathuns and Shambhala Training as well as Shambhala Art and QiGong with Dr. Eva Wong.
  • Our recent teen retreat had 29 people and Family Camp this year drew 187 parents and kids.
  • 70 people had done solitary cabin retreats as of the end of September in 2010.

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