The Stupa That Conquers All Directions

If wisdom can be embodied and manifested in architecture, it would be the stupa. The architecture of the stupa is transformative in nature. It changes the consciousness of all those who come into view of it, orienting them toward the view of basic and ultimate goodness in all things. — Dr. Eva Wong

As physical representations of the Buddhist ideal of enlightenment, stupas are embodied aspirations for increasing wisdom and compassion in the world. Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche has asked Karmê Chöling to build a stupa that will enable our unique and nurturing practice center to radiate out more fully to the world.

The Sakyong has given this stupa the name: The Stupa That Conquers All Directions. Please take a moment to enjoy a short address that the Sakyong has given regarding the role of this stupa for Karmê Chöling.


The stupa being built at Karmê Chöling will also commemorate memory and wisdom teachings of the Venerable Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Karmê Chöling was the first teaching seat in North America of the Vidyadhara, Containing a number of his relics, The Stupa That Conquers All Directions will radiate the vision of basic goodness and enlightened society throughout our community and world.

Your support is vital in building and empowering The Stupa That Conquers All Directions.  The energy and potency of a stupa is directly related to the energy that we as a community put into it. Your gift will allow Karmê Chöling to express the unique vision of Shambhala and express the power of enlightened society though the sacred architecture of a stupa.

Donate now to support the construction of The Stupa that Conquers All Directions.

With your engagement and support, Karmê Chöling will be able to continue construction of the Shambhala mandala’s third stupa, initiating a new era of growth and expanding our capacity to continue making the world a better, kinder place.


Stupa Timeline Highlights

May 2006: The stupa site is selected by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche and Dr. Eva Wong using Taoist feng shui techniques.

September 2009: His Eminence Namkha Drimed Rinpoche and Lama Pegyal perform a three day ceremony in order to clear any obstacles for the building process to begin.

May 2011: Lama Chopal and Lama Gyurme Dorje come to Karmê Chöling and develop the appropriate proportions for the stupa’s design.  Karmê Chöling’s partner architects and engineers use these eastern designs to create the architectural plans of the stupa.

The lamas also provide advice and direction on the ceremonial and ritual aspects involved in the construction and consecration of a stupa, including the approval and blessing of a cedar tree that will be used as the life force pole (sokshing) that will hang inside of the stupa.

September 2011: The process of rolling the mantras that will be inserted into plaster tsatsas begins at Karme Choling. Mantra rolling workshops begin at local centers. 

October 2011: Dr. Eva Wong performs a Taoist ceremony to release the earth energies of the site and further prepare the land for construction.

October 2011: Karmê Chöling hosts a lhasang lasung and festive luncheon to celebrate the commencement of the construction. Executive DIrector Jane Arthur, Acharya Suzann Duquette, and Rusung Pablo Coddou are joined by more than seventy members of the local community and Karmê Chöling staff for the groundbreaking ceremony.

December 2011: The first phase of the foundation, a steel and concrete frame encapsulating the central part of the site, is constructed.

2013: Mantra rolling continues! We are currently focusing on the developing the energetic aspects of the stupa and have completed more than 45,000 so far!

Donate now to support the construction of The Stupa that Conquers All Directions!

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