Tools for Living: Meditation

with Cara Thornley and Allan Graves

February 25

Learn mindfulness meditation, a simple technique for training the mind's alertness and presence to bring flexibility and poise into daily life situations in the home or workplace. Whether dealing with distractedness, busyness, information overload, or other stressful situations, mindfulness allows us to appreciate the challenges of life and respond with confidence.

In this interactive workshop you will learn to:

  • Practice mindfulness meditation
  • Communicate mindfully with others
  • Work through fear to respond with fearlessness
  • Open to creative solutions

The program will begin at 10:30am and end at 4pm.


Program Fee: $50

Please Note:
Price includes meals but not accommodations.

It is traditional for students to offer a monetary gift to the teacher in appreciation for receiving the teachings, and in recognition of the years of training and understanding the teacher has cultivated. There will be an opportunity to offer a teaching gift at the program.

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About Cara Thornley

Cara Thornley, a Shambhala Buddhist teacher, has been a resident of St. Johnsbury since 2010 and previously lived in Barnet where she was employed by Karme Choling Meditation Center.  Currently she volunteers at the St. Johnsbury School as a mentor in the Everybody Wins!  Vermont reading program, and, at the St. Johnsbury Shambhala Center.  She came to the Northeast Kingdom from Atlanta, Georgia, where she lived for over 20 years and held administrative positions, in government, private industry and non profit organizations., including the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals,  Heery and Heery Architects and Engineers, True Colors Theatre Company, and Director of the Atlanta Shambhala Center during its expansion project.  She has been practicing meditation since 1978.

About Allan Graves

A professional bridge player since age 16, Allan plays tournament bridge and teaches on the web.
He also has a degree in education and has worked in counseling.
Now a resident of St. Johnsbury,  he originally came to the Northeast Kingdom from Vancouver, BC,  because of his interest in Karme Choling.
Allan has practiced meditation since 1980.

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